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Psalm 45

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Psalm 45 Jan. 25 For the Chief Musician. Set to The Lilies. A contemplation by the sons of Korah. A wedding song.  1My heart overflows with a noble theme. I recite my verses for the king. My tongue is like the pen of a skilful writer. 2You are the most excellent of the sons of men. Grace has anointed your lips, therefore God has blessed you forever. 3Strap your sword on your thigh, mighty one, in your splendour and your majesty. 4In your majesty ride victoriously on behalf of truth, humility, and righteousness. Let your right hand display awesome deeds. 5Your arrows are sharp. The nations fall under you, with arrows in the heart of the king’s enemies. 6Your throne, God, is forever and ever. A sceptre of equity is the sceptre of your kingdom. 7You have loved righteousness, and hated wickedness; therefore God, even your God, has anointed you with the oil of gladness above your fellows. 8All your garments smell like myrrh, aloes, and cassia. Out of the ivory palaces the stringed instruments have made you glad. 9Kings’ daughters are among your honourable women. At your right hand the queen stands in gold of Ophir. 10Listen, daughter, consider, and turn your ear. Forget your own people, and also your father’s house. 11So the king will desire your beauty; honour him, for he is your lord. 12The daughter of Tyre comes with a gift, the rich among the people entreat your favour. 13The princess inside is all glorious. Her clothing is interwoven with gold. 14She shall be led to the king in embroidered work. The virgins, her companions who follow her, shall be brought to you. 15With gladness and rejoicing they shall be led; they shall enter into the king’s palace. 16Your sons will take the place of your fathers; you shall make them princes in all the land. 17I will make your name to be remembered in all generations. Therefore the peoples shall give you praise forever and ever.   


45:6,7 Quoted in Heb. 1:8,9 to demonstrate the greatness and humanity of Christ. He is clearly not God Himself because God the Father is referred to as Christ’s God (“your God”). Yet the term “God” is applied to Him in :6, in the sense that the Hebrew word here translated “God” means simply a “mighty one”, a term which has just been used about Christ in :3. We are the “fellows” of Jesus (:7), and He was only exalted above us by God, not because He Himself was in nature above us. This exaltation was at the end of His mortal life, in which He had demonstrated His love for righteousness. He was “anointed” in that He was “made... Christ”, which means ‘anointed’, by God, after His resurrection (Acts 2:36). 
45:11 A spiritual man will perceive beauty in a woman in relation to how far she has separated from the things of the world (:10) and is separated unto God’s things.